I love, love, love King Arthur Flour, but had no clue they had their own blog!

We started talking blog shop for a bit and web addresses were exchanged (along with dining experiences thus far in New Orleans).

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this website before, but it’s basically deals on airfare & hotels.. I spend hours browsing through the website imagining what my next destination will be. It’s very flavorful and moist with a bit of a slight crunch from the topping.

Source: How to salvage stale bread with a paper towel and your microwave by littlethings on Rumble The expression "the greatest thing since sliced bread" exists for a reason—bread is simply awesome.

But once it gets stale, that formerly chewy, warm piece of heaven is now hard enough to use in a game of softball.

55%) of the moisture diffusivity in the bread, suggesting that bacteria consortiums in pulque improved water binding by altering the protein structure.

In turn, reduced moisture mobility led to reduced weight loss during bread baking.

40%), indicating that the fermentation process disrupted the internal organization of starch granules.

Furthermore, the incorporation of pulque induced an important decrease (approx.This work studied rheological and thermal properties of dough and textural and microstructural features of bread with pulque, a white sap made from the juice of certain species of agave in Mexico, as leavening agent.To this end, a basic dough recipe (wheat flour-33.7%, sugar-2.5%, salt-0.5%, and water-63.3% w/w) was used as control.The results showed that pulque is a suitable source of leavening for the fabrication of bread specialties with improved textural and microstructural features. I’m currently eyeing a 3 night vacation to Hawaii in May and am SO tempted to book it. I’ve been there twice before, but my boyfriend has never been. If you’re a fan of cinnamon sugar, I’d highly recommend it! My dad just had oral surgery, which means he can’t really eat much.One of the women seated at the next table saw what I was doing and laughed.