Today, its products include dinnerware, giftware, cookware, porcelain, glassware, collectables, jewellery, linens, curtains, and lighting, among other items.The Royal Doulton company takes its name from John Doulton.

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After World War II, production emphasis shifted to simpler designs, which could be mass produced at more affordable prices.

Another renowned art director, Jo Ledger, joined the company in 1954, and continued producing older designs while at the same time exploiting the newer techniques that allowed Royal Doulton to produce high quality works at modest prices.

By 1885, Doulton was producing world-class wares for an international clientele.

Doulton won honors at major international exhibitions and was producing a tremendous variety of figurines, character jugs, vases and other decorative pieces in vibrant colors and using both under- and on-glaze enameling techniques.

By 1871, Henry Doulton had launched a studio at the Lambeth pottery and offered work to designers and artists from a local art school.

Their names included Frank Butler, Mark Marshall, Eliza Simmance, J. Rowe, George Tinsworth and the Barlow family (Florence, Hannah, and Arthur).

Royal Doulton has been producing porcelain ceramics and tableware for approximately 200 years.

John Doulton learned the trade of pottery making at the tender age of twenty two while working at the Fulham Manufacturing Co, well known as the first English commerical pottery, producing stoneware.

The Lambeth factory finally closed its doors in 1956, due largely to new clean air regulations that prevented the production of saltglaze in the urban environment.

Doulton figures were made at the Burslem plants from 1890 until 1978.

From a meager beginning John Doulton amassed one of the largest pottery and porcelain factories the world has ever known. John Doulton, at the tender age of 22, invested his lifetime savings of 100 in a small pottery.