And when we live in a culture where we’re not given opportunities to say no, demanding that we start practicing the foreign concept in an already-vulnerable situation is confusing at best, dangerous at worst.So let’s teach our mouths to form the word “no” and teach our brains to stop feeling bad about it.

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fill=36&resize=768:*" /Tell him you’re so flattered that he asked, but you and all your friends promised each other you’d just go in a group together.

We made it up to my bedroom after he asked to take a gander. We’re feminists, and we understand that only “yes” means yes.

Because a lot of people – of all genders – have been in this position before.

Tell the guy that you’ve already been asked to prom by someone else, but that you’re so flattered he asked.

If you already have a good relationship, offer to help him find a date!He’ll probably take you up on it and appreciate your help.It’s September 2011, and I’m sitting on the edge of my bed. Where we find it’s more awkward to say “no” than to lie there like a dead fish, wondering why your date isn’t picking up on the fact that you’re not kissing back. How do you say “no” when it’s someone that you actually really like, who you’d like to say “yes” to eventually, who flings questions at you so directly that you’re not really sure how to even start? And I don’t think that this is a unique experience that only I’ve had.As such, this is not an article about how to prevent rape.If you have plans with someone, but you wake up that day and it’s raining, and all you want to do is lie in bed curled up with a book instead, firmly let your friend know that you’ve changed your mind and would possibly like to reschedule.