In 1808 Napoleonic troops under General Junot sacked the city and massacred the inhabitants.

The climate in Beja (the hottest district capital city in Portugal) is influenced by its distance from the coast.

With the collapse of the Umayyad Caliphate of Córdoba in 1031, Beja became a taifa, an independent Muslim-ruled principality.

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It was attacked and occupied by the Portuguese and the Spanish armies during the Portuguese Restoration War (1640–1667).

Beja became again the head of a bishopric in 1770, more than a thousand years after the fall of the Visigothic city.

Atualmente, a Smeg tem mais de 20 subsidiárias em todo o mundo e uma extensa rede de distribuidores.

Surfing was the theme that inspired yet another Sketch Tour Portugal trip along the coast, taking advantage of the Rip Curl Pro event, one of the most important events in the international surfing calendar.

It was built, together with the town walls, under the reign of King Diniz in the 13th century over the remains of a Roman castellum that had been fortified by the Moors.

It consists of battlement walls with four square corner towers and a central granite and marble keep (Torre de Menagem), with its height of 40 m the highest in Portugal.

Dolce & Gabbana e Smeg uniram as suas mentes criativas para criar 'Sicily is my love', um novo projeto único Made in Italy: uma nova coleção de pequenos Smeg, com um toque inconfundível Dolce & Gabbana A Smeg orgulha-se de ser uma marca italiana de propriedade familiar.

Com sede no norte de Itália, o coração da cultura alimentar italiana, os produtos Smeg são criados assentes nos pilares da paixão pela família, design e originalidade.

He raised the town to be the capital of the southernmost province of Lusitania (Santarém and Braga were the other capitals of the conventi).