Comments: 'Looking forward to coming back to the rock. 04/05/2017Kevin Walker - GIHS class of 1985, now resides in Carlisle, MA.

03/21/2017Merritt (Kinsey) Kinsey - Grand Island resident: 1949 - 1964, now resides in Grand Junction, CO.

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Hun har også bidratt med stemmen sin i andre animasjoner, inklusive The New Yogi Bear Show, Capitol Critters, Yogi's Treasure Hunt og The New Scooby-Doo Movies.

Golonka har også hatt støtteroller i om lag 30 filmer, inklusive Harvey Middleman, Fireman (1965), Penelope (1966), The Busy Body (1967), Welcome to Hard Times (1967), Hang 'Em High (1968), Airport '77 (1977), The In-Laws (1979), Love At First Bite (1980), The Last Married Couple in America (1980), My Tutor (1983), The End of Innocence (1990) og A Family Affair (2001).

Golonka opptrådte i to andre Broadway spill fra 19, og hadde også roller i filmer produsert i New York City området.

Golonka spilte inn et album som ble godt mottatt, et album kalt You Don't Have to be Jewish i 1965.

The plot involves something about $500 bill printing plates stolen from the Mint and a Latin American conspiracy, but the real story is the interplay between the two leads.

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