Since then, seven black Fox News employees indicated that they plan to join a racial discrimination suit filed last month by two colleagues, according to magazine, and three former Fox employees -- Margaret Hoover, Alisyn Camerota, and Kirsten Powers -- said on CNN that the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News is deeply ingrained. is still there because the executives are still there," said Hoover.

Then on Monday, former Fox host Andrea Tantaros filed a new lawsuit against the company in federal court, which alleges, “A person working for Fox News was responsible for hacking Ms.

And today, Fox News is reportedly under federal investigation for allegedly try to hide the mountainous payments the company has made to women claiming sexual harassment.

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Bill O’Reilly may be gone at Fox News, but Rupert Murdoch’s festering Fox News mess isn’t going away anytime soon.

Murdoch cut ties with the host last week after multiple women's reports of sexual harassment became public.

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Click here to return to the page you were visiting.British regulators are currently deciding whether Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox would qualify as “fit and proper” to purchase satellite TV giant Sky.Attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents several women who say O’Reilly sexually harassed them, recently stressed to British officials, “The similarities between the current harassment scandal and the phone-hacking scandal reveal the company’s approach to business and management – a lack of oversight, intervention, and decency.” Note that in recent years, Murdoch employees have been accused of not only hacking into phones, computers, and emails, but also of paying off news sources.Those don’t sound like executives concerned with ridding the company of an “old-guard internal culture,” as the claims.Then, months later, Murdoch renewed O’Reilly’s contract despite the fact that O’Reilly and Fox News had settled five harassment suits. That’s them being wildly cavalier and irresponsible.(Lucky for us it was about 70 degrees that day here in New Jersey.) Photo by Conrad Erb Michigan Men's Rowing Team opening up their home water by ramming the barge into the five inch thick ice.