But it was Atonement that launched her and changed everything. I wasn’t bullied, but at the same time the kids weren’t great to me.

She did her own stunts, too, including jumping off a balcony (winning one of the crew a $50 bet in the process). Just to make things extra complicated, Wanda and Melanie have different beaux.

‘There was a lot of romance in it, so that was something I had to get used to,’ she says.

She has four trusted close friends whom she has known for years. It’s hard to know when she would find time in her schedule, with a slate of roles coming that demonstrate her incredible versatility.

‘By the time I finished The Host I was sort of desperate to play someone normal,’ she says of her part in Kevin Mc Donald’s drama How I Live Now.

‘I wasn’t bullied, I was certainly singled out.’ ‘Sorry, “bullied” is the wrong word,’ I say. I didn’t want to do that, but because at the time we lived in the country there were only a few schools that I could have chosen from and it just made more sense for me to do it because I was working as well.’ In her spare time Ronan likes to play basketball, surf and swim. But we’ll hit each other and pinch each other and just torture each other in whatever way we can because we love each other deep down.’ But not in that way? He’s great.’ As for friends in the business, she keeps up with her Atonement co-star James Mc Avoy, and saw him in Macbeth. It’s post-apocalyptic in its setting and the way they spoke the words was very natural, which I prefer.

She recently took her driving test and says that life is a lot easier now that her peers are in college and more available for hanging out, whenever she has a gap between her two-month filming stints. We’ve grown up together and we used to take care of him when his mam went to work,’ she says. I’d love to do theatre.’ Other ambitions include studying film at New York University, although she would have to sit her SATs first.

‘The thing is, I forget about people I want to work with and then suddenly, thank God so far, they’ve kind of popped up,’ she says brightly.

Recently Stephenie Meyer, the author of the bestselling Twilight trilogy, ‘popped up’.

Her work is mature, timeless, unflashy – always has been.