Your husband chose you because he loves you- don’t lose sight of that!

If you battle with insecurities about whether or not your husband does or will ever love you as much as he loved his late wife, then resenting her pictures or personal possessions from their marriage in your house may seem like an important point of issue to you.

Lovingly remind him that you are aware of the significance of these dates when they occur, and that you are available for listening should he wish to share his feelings.

Also, offer to go with him to the cemetery if that is what he desires.

Many wives of widowers are hurt when their husbands refer to their late wives as “my first wife” or simply “my wife, Hazel (or whatever her name was! If you can relate to this issue, you must firmly but gently communicate your discomfort to your husband, and allow him the opportunity to be as sensitive to your “second wife needs” as you are to his “grief needs”.

By the time you marry, most of your husband’s grief journey will be complete.

Remember that the negative differences you create in your own failed comparison to the late wife may be just the reasons why your husband found you to be so appealing!

You cannot love a widower enough to make him forget his late wife.Yes, time is a healer, and along every grief journey, sadness turns to joy at some point.However, do not be fooled into thinking that your husband’s late wife’s death anniversary or their wedding anniversary, her birthday, or holidays will be grief-free.They may fear that their daughter’s/sister’s/niece’s/granddaughter’s memory will fade into obscurity just because your husband decided to remarry, and may subconsciously blame you for this.If you remain constantly focused on their bereavement, it will become much easier for you to deal with any negativity on their part.In it, she outlines the stages of grief, and what a bereaved person can expect from each.