In addition to the gorgeous beaches, delicious Belizean cuisine, and fantastic resorts, this destination also offers a bit of culture and history in its renowned Ancient Mayan sites.Buenos Aires was recently dubbed the first ever Art Basel City, and in celebration, this Argentinian capital will be hosting a week of public arts events in September in celebration.

Just this past year, The Dewberry opened its doors and in spring of 2018, Hotel Bennett is slated for an opening right across from it in Marion Square.

Go off-the-beaten path for some of the city’s culinary gems and try local delicacies such as crab rice, crispy quail, po’ boys, or shrimp and grits.

Lovers of arts and culture will relish this city any time of the year, however, as Buenos Aires is known for its dance, design, and galleries.

Visit in May to enjoy the pride and joy of 300 artists from 50 countries at Arte BA or come in the summer of August’s BA Fashion Week.

The capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is a city perfect for people who love spicy food and breathtaking scenery.

The addition of non-stop flights from New York and Los Angeles over the past year make it easier than ever to get to there.

One of the wildest spots on the plant, Antarctica offers the chance to experience truly unspoiled nature (although global warming seems to be doing the job of spoiling it fast).

Despite its seeming barrenness, there’s plenty to do here, such as camping, sea kayaking, swimming in hot springs, and visiting the penguins and other indigenous creatures.

Brussels and Bruges aren’t the only Belgian destinations you should have on your list.