1977 ,000 4 Self Portrait in Drag, 1980-82 ,500 4 Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1977 ,500 4 Self Portrait in Drag, 1981-1982 ,500 3 Jean-Michel Basquiat, 1982 ,500 2 Self Portrait, 1977 ,750 1 Self Portrait in Fright Wig, 1986 ,000 The top ten Polaroid portraits illustrate more possible reasons for realized prices, but also bring up more questions.

Again, is there anything to be inferred from this about the comparative value of Warhol’s women?

On the positive side of things, 22 Polaroids went for above their high estimates.

All of these Polaroids came from the same narrow period of about a decade.

All share the same provenance (all have Estate and Foundation stamps).

Six Polaroid portraits went for more than double their high estimates: Debbie Harry ($25,000), Dennis Hopper ($30,000), Arnold Schwarzenegger ($32,500), Jean-Michel Basquiat ($37,500), Self Portrait ($43,750) and Self Portrait in Fright Wig ($50,000).

Of these 37 Polaroid portraits, 22 realized prices above ,000 and ten realized prices of ,000 or greater. Top Ten Polaroid Portraits: 9 Farrah Fawcett, 1979 ,000 9 Debbie Harry, 1970s ,000 8 Muhammad Ali, 1977 ,500 7 Dennis Hopper, c.(There is still a ton of work to be sold by Christie’s through a selling exhibition in Hong Kong and an online sale next month.) The 62 lots of Polaroids in Christie’s Warhol photography auction did well and brought in a total of 8,125.Two Polaroids, one of Gilbert and one of George (of Gilbert & George), were sold as a single lot, and two Polaroid collage compositions were also sold as single lots. 1980), was the twelfth highest Polaroid lot, at ,750.If we remove the self portraits we get a fairer comparison: Ave. There were eight portraits of fashion designers or models, six of musicians, seven of actors, and six of artists (excluding self portraits).The comparative table of averages looks like this: Fashion: ,578.13 Musicians: ,833.33 Actors: ,828.13 Artists, excluding self portraits: ,979.17 (Shoes: ) (,750.00) Self Portraits: ,687.50 People in fashion are worth less than musician, and actors are twice as pricey as them.Does this mean Warhol’s men are worth almost twice as much as his women? Shoes:) (,750.00) The gender gap is lessened, but shoes are better than most portraits.