Thirty remotely-controlled omnidirectional speakers should be placed throughout the property. Instead, a team of internationally acclaimed poets was employed to produce works inspired by translations of SCP-3171 utterances. Little ice cream place across the street from where I grew up.

Researchers should visit instances of SCP-3171 weekly to collect any sacs of fluid that have accumulated within the fruit-like growths at the base. It was believed that SCP-3171 did not consider communication with humanity worthwhile and that the production of a poem considered meaningful by SCP-3171 would change that. Williams: Can't wait to go home and leave all this bullshit for a while.

Amnestics were administered to all involved after it was determined that the pseudorandomness in question was part of an organically produced Diffie-Helman key exchange.

Upon learning of this exchange the following morning, site leaders (Dr. Jackson, head of the botany division) were surprised to see approximately one-hundred attempts at private communication from instances of SCP-3171 logged during the previous night. Jackson conducted the ensuing investigation which revealed that: It is conjectured that the act of sharing sustenance with family members has the nature of a sexual taboo among SCP-3171.

Jackson: We shared a milkshake, taking turns sipping from the same straw. SCP-3171-213: I bet you always exchange fluids at first rainfall.

Efforts by the Foundation to grow SCP-3171 elsewhere have met with failure.

There are currently 457 known instances of SCP-3171.

A typical instance of SCP-3171 will have stalks measuring 4-5 meters with four fruitlike growths surrounding the stalk. Each instance of SCP-3171 is sapient with intelligence roughly comparable to the average human. Foundation efforts met with their first success at AM 11/12/1999, when Mr.

SCP-3171 have evolved the ability to rapidly perform mathematical calculations; researchers have observed instances multiplying 90-digit numbers in 1-2 seconds. Cullen Williams, a junior researcher assigned to the botanical team, attempted to communicate with SCP-3171 in a state of inebriation Mr.

It had been previously discovered that instances of SCP-3171 spent the vast majority of their time composing something akin to poetry; this discovery led to the addition of several team members with literary backgrounds, Dr. The poetry composed by instances of SCP-3171 typically consists of persistent repetition of a small number of words in apparently nonsensical order. Green alone at the observation post, he used the opportunity to interject himself into a conversation between instances of SCP-3171 and broadcast a poem of his own creation Dr.

The anatomical purpose of these secretions is unknown.

Different instances of SCP-3171 are referred to by attaching a number ranging between 1-457 to the SCP designation. Lachlan White from the University of Auckland placed an .mp3 file containing twenty hours of ambient sounds from a recent trip to the Zambezi preserve on his webpage.