‘We were told the music would go on until 11pm but we called the council noise pollution people at 11.20pm when we could still hear it.

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The forest outside Royal Tunbridge Wells is a popular destination for ramblers, who like to follow its meandering footpaths and picnic by a serenely beautiful spring-fed lake covered with lily-pads.

For decades, almost nothing disturbed its calm, except a minor kerfuffle in 2014 when metal-detecting enthusiasts came across a large unexploded World War II bomb there.

’Other residents, none of whom was consulted about the decision to grant permission for a live music event on their door- step, complained of suffering a sleepless weekend.‘What consenting adults choose to get up to in the privacy of their own tents is their business.

But the noise was awful,’ says Justin Funnell, who lives near by with his wife Joanne.

However, if you write 'no' next to every item, you should probably find another interest to pursue....

Spanning more than 100 acres and home to rare species of plants, fungi, birds and animals, Brokes Wood is one of rural Kent’s hidden gems.

And a few days ago the broadcaster Eamonn Holmes, of morning TV fame and supposedly a symbol of respectability, was spotted at a £450-a-head country house sex party organised by Killing Kittens, a company that organises swinging events for wealthy young professionals and was founded by Emma Sayle, a one-time acquaintance of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Holmes, who was accompanied by his wife, fellow Good Morning Britain Host Ruth Langsford, turned out to be filming a light-hearted documentary about the event for Channel 5.

Once regarded as the exclusive domain of perverts and oddballs, it is increasingly being marketed to the middle classes as a quirky, fashionable leisure pursuit.