When the carriage starts to shift, the passengers are promptly buried under the carriage's collapsed roof.

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Anthony's teachers are on the train, and the lie that he is a priest comes a little too easily to his lips.

It's his ticket into being granted special access to the accident site.

Bron and Lyle are removed and sent to Ward 17 immediately.

The boy trapped in the carriage doesn't fare so well and Dom struggles with his conscience on who has the right to immediate treatment — the boy or the elderly teacher.

Dom questions his actions over his decision to play God with train crash victim Josh and is surprised, but equally pleased, by Terri's affections during his personal crisis.

Ben and Scott become embroiled in a family situation.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Conrad Coleby, Martin Lynes, Judith Mc Grath, Libby Tanner, Ben Tari, Erik Thomson, Brian Vriends Special Guest: Belinda Mc Clory as Nicola Lewis Guest Cast: Jenni Baird as Paula Morgan, Paul Tassone as Nelson Curtis, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Josh Quong Tart as Matt Horner, Alex Jones as Lyle Slater, Natasha Beaumont as Rebecca Green, Luciano Martucci as Dominic Turner, Drew Forsythe as Ray Mc Carthy, Gerard Maguire as Peter Maloney, Jone Winchester as Dulcie Battye, Tony Poli as Frank Koumanis, Adam Saunders as Josh Koumanis, Marilyn Allen as Mrs Southerby, Rochelle Whyte as Cara, Peter Benedict as Jack, Monique & Natasha Ball as Lucy Stevens, Sean Burke as Barry Lithgow, Adam George as Sam Micallef, Katie Methorst as Rachel Suffolk, Monty Leadon as Spud Tremayne, Brooke Callaghan as Shelley, Aaron Noakes as Gina Constantine, Kristen Yung as Jessie, Hyacintha Jang as Jessie's Mother, Chris Bath as Newsreader, Christo Beck as SRA Worker, John Plant as SRA Worker, Greg Ellis as SRA Worker, Daniel Stevens as Luke Stunt Double, Alan Vaughan as Lyle & Passenger #1 Stunt Double, Tony Lynch as Ben Stunt Double, Kristy Hogg as Bron Double Note: see article To the rescue Episode 5.02 (170) Tuesday, February 12, 2002 Screenplay by Louise Crane Directed by Peter Fisk Terri and Mitch continue to dance around each other as the workload builds and more and more patients land on their doorstep with no more staff allocated to nurse them. Luke and the trauma team set up operation at the accident site.

Dom arrives, knowing some of his boys and one of the St.

The shocked staff of Ward 17 needs a debriefing and Terri's management of the ward is also questioned.