He is the mastermind of Chapter 4's murder, using Gonta as a means to kill Miu, before becoming the victim of Chapter 5 as part of a plan of his to defeat the mastermind.

He is the victim of Chapter 2, allowing himself to be drowned by Kirumi Tojo after learning that nobody outside the killing game cared about him, and he had no one outside the academy to live for. The astronaut program requires a college degree, but Kaito bluffed his way in with fake documents and even passed the test.

He was eventually found out but was kept on due to his personality and real talent.

He has vowed to become a true gentleman to repay his "woodland family".

Having grown up outside of society, he lacks social skills and general cultural knowledge to a certain degree.

He is successful, resulting in Ki-bo abstaining from voting and sacrificing himself by destroying the entire facility, but sparing Shuichi, Maki, and Himiko due to the will of the audience. As a child, he wandered into the woods to go bug-hunting and went missing for ten years.

During that time he stated he was raised by wolves and learned how to communicate with animals but in actuality, he was raised by dinosaurmen called "Reptites".He is also the culprit of Chapter 3, killing Angie Yonaga after she catches him setting up a death trap that he would then use to stab Tenko Chabashira in the back. During international matches, he would kill mafiosi by hitting them in the head with a custom-made steel tennis ball, earning him the nickname "Killer Tennis" and the death sentence.He has a jaded, hardboiled demeanor despite being a teenager, and claims that the Ultimate Tennis Player is already dead due to already being in jail before coming to the Gifted Inmates Academy.Seeing the adversities found in poor areas of the world has led to him believe that hardship can bring out the true beauty of mankind, so he eagerly observes the events of the killing game.At the end of Chapter 3, it's revealed that Korekiyo had an incestuous relationship with and eventually developed a female Tulpa based on his late sister.His actions and inner monologue throughout the game was manipulated by viewer surveys.