Although there are many prescription medications to treat the symptoms of ADHD some parents opt to try some non-prescription remedies first.

You can mix this liquid formulation with water, juice, or other beverages.

The primary ingredient is valerian root but it also contains chamomile and catnip. Please note that the manufacturer’s warning states that melatonin is not for use for children or teenagers.

My son never experienced any adverse effects or withdrawal symptoms.

What does research say about the effectiveness of supplements to treat ADHD symptoms in children?

My experience seems to be consistent with the reviews given on this product.

This is another herbal product marketed for children who are hyperactive or who have ADHD.

This committee teleconferenced with representatives of the Canadian Anesthetic Society (CAS) to identify problems, perspectives, and controversial issues, and to define a process for guideline development.

The EM committee subsequently reviewed existing literature, determined levels of evidence, and developed the document, which evolved based on feedback from the CAS and CAEP Standards Committees.

Lastly, I will provide some links to resources and recommendations from the experts as to which supplements show promise for treating ADHD symptoms in children.