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The dial plan type in Israel is closed, and "0" is the internal Trunk prefix in Israel. When dialing an Israeli number from inside of Israel, the format is : "0 - Area/network operator code (A/N) - subscriber number (X)" When dialing an Israeli number from outside Israel, the format is : " 972 - Area/network operator code (A/N) - subscriber number (X)" The Israeli telecommunication infrastructure is including the Palestinian telecommunication system.

There were ten area codes at that time: 02 Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh; 03 Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Rehovot, Ashdod; 04 Haifa and western Galilee; 051 Ashkelon; 053 Netanya; 057 Beersheva and most of the Negev; 059 Eilat; 065 Afula, Nazareth; 063 Hadera, Zichron Yaakov; and 067 Tiberias, Zefat and eastern Galilee.

The format for calls to cellular mobile phones is 05N-XXX-XXXX, where "05N" is the mobile operator indicator.

The format for calls to Vo IP lines is 07N-XXX-XXXX, where "07N" is the Vo IP operator indicator.

This is a line that has a pre-defined prefix and it is blocked to content that Haredi activists feel is not appropriate for their community.

Such blocking includes cellular internet access, chat rooms, SMS, etc.With the influence of Vo IP long distance was deregulated in Israel.According to the Israel Ministry of Communication a Vo IP number may be ported to a landline carrier and vice versa providing the option to have, say, a northern number in the south of the country.When dialing within one of the geographical area codes (2, 3, 4, 8, 9) the prefix can be dropped (so instead of dialing (0A)XXX-XXXX you can dial XXX-XXXX).*XXXX - (Star and 4 digits) Speed dial service 1234 - Bezeq-Card service (Bezeq lines only) 1455 - Speaking clock - Time and date in Israel and around the world 142 - Collect Call 144 - Telephone Listings Information 166 - Bezeq technical support 199 - Bezeq customer service 164 - Bezeq business customer service 1 599 XXX XXX - Business Toll 1 700 XXX XXX - Business Toll 1 80X XXX XXX - Toll Free 1 90X XXX XXX - Premium Kosher phones and networks are essentially phones with Haredi rabbinical approval that can be used for communication without entertainment functionality or connectivity.If you’re looking for adult live sex chat, you won’t be disappointed.