In 2000, Britney gained two more Billboard Music awards and another two Grammy nominations.

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Spears third studio album, Britney was released in November 2001. The lead single 'Im A Slave 4 U' peaked at 27 on the Billlboard Hot 100, making it the album's biggest hit.

Although not as successful as her previous albums, she gained some creative control by co-writing five of the album's tracks. At the end of the album's promotional tour for the album, Spears announced she would take a six-month break from her career.

Scheduled for release in November 2007, it was pushed up to October 30th due to internet leaks. The BBC, for instance, stated that "her performance would go down in the history books as being one of the worst to grace the MTV Awards." Whilst critics at The Times noted that "Spears was out of synch as she lip-synched and at times just stopped singing altogether." Despite the backlash, however, the single has achieved success worldwide.

Biography by Fans of Britney B**ch have gone wild after it was reported the iconic singer is bringing her Las Vegas residency Piece of Me tour to the UK and Ireland for the first time and she will be starting it at Brighton Pride.

Childhood: Spears was born in Mc Comb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana.

She auditioned for the Disney Channel series 'The New Mickey Mouse Club' when she was just eight years old.

At the time, she was considered too young to join the series, but a producer on the show suggested that she meet up with an agent in New York.

When she turned 11, Spears returned to the Disney Channel for a role in the 'The New Mickey Mouse Club'.

She returned to schoool in Kentwood for one year after the show had ended.