He was optimistic and just generally excited about life.

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Its not something I accept for myself or for any of your girls. I can actively feel myself changing and growing and healing. We talked and he was really amazed/happy/impressed at how good I was. I was feeling really good, and every passing day I only felt better. I knew he was going to work and to therapy and I knew he was going out because people were calling me left and right to check up on me after hearing from H at party X or Y or Z that we had broken up. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm really done with being associated with him.

If he is making you feel like a burden, something is wrong. Literally there are moments when I can feel the positive energy that I'm injecting into my life. I told him that I was glad he was okay and that it was a relief that all the horrible things that H thought would happen to him if we broke up, didn't. When I tell people it's been months they get a bit shocked.

So, if you’re still looking for that love of your life, the man to spend the rest of your days with, here are just 26 of the reasons you should think about dating an investment banker.

You always have access to a car, even if it's not theirs.

I mean, men judge women all the time (and yes, I know there are female investment bankers, as well, and I’m sure they’re just as bossy and money-hungry as the men), so why can’t we judge them? If you don’t mind a man who trades his soul for money and works 100-hour work weeks, he could be the ideal partner. They know how to put their money where their mouth is.

It’s time that we took a good look at the men and women who make the world go round, the money sing and open the markets. For a woman who likes her alone time in a penthouse apartment, it’s the perfect situation. They'll tell you which assets need more investment. But I've been torturing him along with me for about half a year.He's been my best friend for a year and a half, and we watched our friendship could grow into something more.Since the day I met him (I'll refer to him as H) he knew he wanted to go into investment banking. We talk during his commute to work, while he grabs lunch at the office, and once every evening. We are the annoying couple that never gets bored of each other and prior to his i Banking job, we were almost always together.Hi girls :) I know its been forever, but rest assured its not because anything is wrong. But most of all, I met a guy friend who kinda changed my outlook on just about everything. He was literally the polar opposite of an investment banker. While just being my friend, he was a better boyfriend than H had EVER been. He understood that my family was important to me, he never made me bend over backwards for him. He found joy and happiness in making ME happy, which was something I had literally never experienced.