They have completed advanced training in the treatment of colon and rectal problems in addition to full training in general surgery.

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Our cardiologists have been at the forefront of innovation and apply new techniques that have made cardiac catheterization a successful method for diagnosing and treating numerous cardiac illnesses.

All Cardiac Care Unit patients are monitored in private rooms with the most advanced technology.

The Bariatric Surgery program is directed by Professor Claude Tayar, an international expert in this field who recently joined the General Surgery department at CMC.

The Heart Center offers a cardiac laboratory that performs a multitude of non-invasive and semi-invasive diagnostic tests, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology for both adult and pediatric patients.

Gastric Banding: a silicone, hollow and inflatable ring is positioned around the entry of the stomach.

The surgeon modifies the diameter of the entry of food to the stomach according to the weight-loss and eating capabilities of the patient. Sleeve Gastrectomy: a laparoscopic surgery where 80% of the stomach is removed.

Examples of specialized assessments include: •Preoperative medical evaluations •Intra-operative pain management •Critical care management •Management of acute and chronic pain •Diagnosis of acute and chronic pain syndromes •Injections and nerve blocks •Spinal-cord stimulations •Spinal-infusion systems •Obstetrical analgesia and anesthesia Bariatric Surgery, commonly known as weight-loss surgery, is indicated for patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI = kg/m2) above 40 or for patients with a BMI ranging between 35 and 40 and having related health issues.

Moreover, diabetic patients with a BMI greater than 30 can also chose bariatric surgery as a treatment approach.

Bariatric Surgery at CMC is performed laparoscopically (a minimally invasive method) and can also be done without any evident scar through the technique: the Single Site Trans-Umbilical Laparoscopy.

The types of Bariatric Surgery provided at CMC are: 1.

CMC has the facilities and services to serve the unique needs of patients from Lebanon and the Middle East.