In 2009 Apple made an agreement with major record labels to stop selling songs with Fair Play DRM, which had up until then protected their songs from piracy but also meant that Apple almost entirely controlled how much the record labels songs were sold for.

However, whilst users can now play any song on any device, Apple or non-Apple, the Fair Play technology is still used on apps in the App Store, meaning they can only be used on Apple devices, which protects the intellectual property of the apps producters.

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A high-performance automobile is little more than an interesting amalgam of metal and plastic if it's missing tires and fuel.

Sure, given the proper slope (and, perhaps, a helpful tailwind), that car is capable of movement, but the resulting journey leaves much to be desired.

According to Patrick Coughlin the prosecuting attorney, once music from a rival service had been detected, when the user tried to sync their i Pod to i Tunes, Apple produced an error message that told users to restore the settings on their devices.

Once this was complete, i Tunes would not sync the competitors’ music with the i Pod.

Many people claim that if you encode a file at 128 Kbps in both the MP3 and AAC formats, the AAC file will sound better.

The Import Using pop-up menu lets you choose to import files in AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, or WAV format.

The plaintiffs argue that this stifled competition, keeping i Pod prices artificially high.

Apple defended themselves by saying that the measures were taken for security reasons.

AIFF and WAV files are uncompressed, containing all the data from the original.