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f Omm *.:.i .v» »bi« m te.i‘ Orion Explorer IS'" Eyepieces foliabl E Per C’llianic Pemait Hahle Um Iup 1 Ani^CIri-tlii | *:1 fct) FTrtrt Is TTilpj rh- 1 n An$ t i L flv dimiim P gl4t.■ Unw ■? 5 i 5 «aih Ii 9 fl PENTAX S SMC XL Series Willi pb hi I-qvi-’eni Ifhf -icbligqribcii E-t*i ',■ 1 1 1 n a. hor example, when you call up a region from Real Sky — say. with nine discoveries in his credit, presents a “crash course" on comets, tells you exactly where to find Hale-Bopp In the ski throughout its ap- parition, and suggests what features and changes to look for in Us coma and tails 1 11 us trilled with black-and-white orbit di- agrams and finder charts.

a $S9 95 ia is Va J4Pew« 2x-3&n;h H.r nr .*f Sji Jr pqll NW. What was once available only as photographic pi inti (costing its much as SIs.i KKj), and then as a digitally scanned version on 1 01 CD-ROMs (for about $3,000), can now be had on eight CD-ROMs, from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (for 3250; see the January issue, page 05). However, when combined with Soft- ware Bisque’s The Sky version 4.0 iso far, the only popular-level program thal can directly access the POii S images), the software takes on an added life. as amateurs begin to use this new re source, they are noticing ■some peculiar- ities. ,* S', l E«r I lb- Cl* Pun rtrf «-4hrr 1 l*i"i 1 i Hi! lire p;//www,ni isn etxom fodl Per use our VVrb site lor more infoniiiltioii on our design tonainiiinnit, past, recent, and rurnni ]ii o jeers Hurupran npirsrntitiiin. 2 so pages, 6 b\ 9 imiteir luirdcovef- An Observer's Guide to Comet Male- Bo pp iiy Don Machkolz l his expertly whiten liaridbuok for back- yard observers utters a muiith-by- month Illustrated guide In what promises to be the Great Comet of 1947 Comet hunter Machhnlz.

Clearly, the catalog will not he as large as the GSC The value of ihis project is not in the number of stars bin in its un- precedented accuracy, Stellar perai lions will he known to 0.02 arcsecond or bel- ter. Tis.'’ com mb pits ihftya -srwv njrusopfcs^oni i 5tale-or-(fie art computer^ controlled telescope drrve system with comprehensive •ctontific research futurn including complete aute- ri MHvn, remote ind robotke control, and ir Mernct c Om- mu mcaliorc arm control feilurti Torus Obtervilary hi Bwktoy.

I Tie mission's two long-anticipated data- bases will embody precise positions and magnitudes for one million stars of llth magnitude and brighter.

h,u pajihp time Ctieet util our ntut *eh tiir littp Ai Www or icri fmhf ZMtipafet Ndhi m Uk Jiialii pnm.. f rmes TRan Ultima Series Ultrastopic Fi.l v -T -JU •= ac-'i • dl Lillirr.j » 'Jt~ »ii- Hp-fcflti r*«J3"ra -3* J to 7 im ataf Ttiyla .-. Polans models: 7x50, 10x70 and 16x70 Carrying cases a r e standard, FUJI NOW INC- fitters and a tnpod adapter are optional , For more Information, contact: eoi^&W- wflti FAX 001 [ 653-521 8 Fuji NON JHWStf S 25l t SO Sliw.5 or f ft up ri ts rus /iters ii-ow JA1»FEU«r35^.

flrrwn PARACORR How to Fig ure a \ put on r — “ p» racnrr 763-7030 telephone hours h-i sat. F*i ia Vtfti’t tvr IKi'i Jriil • - 7‘Ultra Woclt ' ■ v AMS’ 51 49 G 15) 3C UHfi HIdc A : • '(it (A Meade and Ceiwnror- sc iccpn AM54 SU'j .3 45i W4: gi 1 5 r: carry solar fitters Sei- our catalog. Al with outstanding balance and ii^ra-iorig eye refcat They' re waterproof, meet US Ml Specs andl are backed by Fu/rcn s lifetime limited warranty. Club members sold raffle tickets for the 24 prizes donated by die mall's stores, in addition there were three grand prizes: a 60-rnm refractor donated by Orion Telescope Center and two 6-inch Dobsonian s from Meade Instruments and Cdeslron International, Robertson estimates that more than a thousand people participated in ihe society's As- tronomy Dd\ fair ■« -r April 199?

p n-r-l 3 5 mm Comera Adr.r.-"-- Pig^y Cam Pronto Tew Win. * f Jr | rrtl pressed, ttu/ipe r petftnttt: like ri larger crj 'ter Ulte telea ape.

Sfw- Imlt Uir toa-jen K T iteus: seems much larger than TUmrsi; lots of de- tail (ns high power Jupiter, — l\R. I'nsnftt is u bears tiful scufte; hmi first look /it Jnpster tint l hnhjrr!

Fy Tfcg-;v E madfiat U' hita-Di Ai-Aed irau ■KT SMSIOW fc»£ M: *»8i £44.95 i? *b SSD .95 i3ihi ii r Ski,' Li ij ■ ' / .y|.;- HM^ Hl Mi9 5t G9 ISLl EI SC Sfcy Glow F rs r#&* lh Ii a* te-p-juir i-nij Ceiestror Bd Vnu* r.rts%Hiirrtm MOpei a SSS* $ 00.95 it 1 . Voo enjoy the wictesi, sharped and brightest hgh -contrast views of globular dusters, gala.n.--cs and deicale nedufee detail. Free popcorn and helium bal- loons were given to children, who were also encouraged to make (heir own plani- spheres.