This is what I held onto for so long: I could not make her better. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to love a dog again. Loving a dog is like breathing to me: It is second nature and an involuntary reflex. I can’t get over it and honestly, I don’t want to move past it. For all of you heart beating dog lovers of the highest order, make that bucket list, embrace your love of dogs, be proud of who you are, and never feed the trolls, haters, or those who otherwise don’t share that bond or understanding of love between human and dog.

I felt like I’d be cheating on my dead dog to give my heart to another. I love my current dog, Dexter, as I love my first dog.

She never once said, “Why don’t you get another dog.” The grief counselor explained there is no fast forward button on grief.

If you do what I’m about to suggest I ask that you do it without malice, with loving humor, and do it to help him understand, and not to punish him (otherwise he will be able to make you seem like the “bad person” and that is NOT what you are trying to make him think!

) If your husband really wants your mother in law to run the household you should let her.

My husband is so blinded by his mother that it seems he cannot recognize right from wrong when it comes to defending her (no wonder he is a Liar! What do I do to save my relationship because now its not just the two of us who’s lives are at stake now that I have a year old daughter to think of.

Please HELP with a practical solution Suffering DILHave you tried to have an open and honest discussion about this with your husband?

When your husband asks what is for dinner tell him that you are not sure because your mother in law hasn’t told you what to make yet.

When he asks you a question call his mother to get the answer. And be sure to follow any advice from your MIL that your husband is sure to dislike.

My life is a celebration of dog and their time on Earth, a mere flicker. A heart that beats dog is all too keenly aware of its ability to break, and oh how it shatters. It’s a true celebration, a present waiting to be unwrapped every day. There’s a secret unspoken club for us dog lovers of the highest order. You say goodbye when you know something is never coming back. Even if you feel our life ends here on Earth when our bodies die, it is true then that you go to the same state of being as the pets you have loved and lost do. believe that grief is a one-size-fits-all process that every person experiences in the same way.

On fortunate days, we find each other: At parks, pet-welcoming stores, on vacations, and at traffic lights. Ages are exchanged, stories are passed on, and dogs bring strangers together, even for a moment. I realize now that I would have been a monster to have allowed her to suffer. That love was even more prominent when I had to say goodbye. The next journey is the one I will take to her and to all the dogs I love thereafter. Loss, and the grief that follows, is an individualized experience.

The words change, but the feelings are the same: Those who love and have learned to love more richly because of a dog carry a light in their soul. The circle of life is pretty damned special with a dog in it. We make a vow to our dogs when they enter our life, us dog lovers of the highest order. There is no wrong way to grieve unless that way involves something that is beyond your control.

We have hope when the world goes crazy: Dogs want us in it. We promise to love them, we tell them we love them. I gave her all these things, all this love and devotion and time, and now her helpless body cried out to me and my answer is to end it. It took me years and years to realize that I did not murder my dog. If you need help, talk to someone, or whatever works for you: Do it. There is so much love in my heart, to keep it boxed and closeted and under a shroud of blankets isn’t fair to the dog with whom I can share love.

If your mom doesn’t give good advice, your friends are just as crazy as you are, or you just can’t afford a good shrink you’re probably in serious need of some good advice.