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It must mobilize the growing individual and collaborative involvement of all employees.

Literature review: Today organizations are looking forward to increase their employee's efforts by encouraging them to improve their performance beyond the organisations expectations and reducing labour cost to a minimum.

While answering such questions as what do you mean by total reward? It deals with the design, implementation and maintenance of reward processes and practices that are geared to the improvement of organizational, team and individual performance" (Armstrong and Murlis 2006).

How it is benefits the employees as well as the company? If the organisation has a fairly distributed reward management then it not only progresses the company but also enhances employee's skills and performance.

Changes in pay and benefits systems have therefore been prescribed as key HRM objectives, pulled together in the US literature under the rubric of the "new pay"" (Lawler, 1995) It is therefore a major managerial concern about how they approach to the concept of total reward.

Each organisation can have different criteria about elements that constitute total rewards.

Thus the study of employee motivation has constantly remained a managerial concern.

This essay considers some of the main views of the organisations adopting a total reward approach to reward management. "Reward management is concerned with the formulation and implementation of strategies and policies that aim to reward people fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their value to the organisation.

Paul Thompson (2001), further gives an elaborated definition of total reward by emphasises it not only encompasses rational scientific elements like wages, changeable pay and profits, but also more intangible non money related elements such as scope to attain and implement responsibility, career opportunity, education and development, the inherent motivation delivered by the work itself and the quality of working life provided by the organization.

Essentially, the notion of total reward says that there is more to rewarding people than throwing money at them.

The concept of Total Reward has been evolving ever since, Management today is trying to widen up the meaning of the word 'Reward' including both tangible and intangible aspects of rewarding their employees, (Armstrong and Brown,1999).