Dating Thai women – how to meet Thai ladies online How to get my Thai girlfriend a visa – UK visa for Thai citizens Thai girlfriends beauty & the farang – a rough guide to Thai farang relationships How to get married in Thailand – how to marry my Thai girlfriend in Thailand Following just a few simple tips can get your date off to the right start leading to a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Once that relationship is off and running, there is a good chance that your sweetheart will want to experience your homeland as well.

Thai women are embarrassed to discuss intimacy on a date.

Complete your look with a nice splash of cologne or a mild aftershave.

Avoid Sexual Topics Thai women do not believe in sexual chitchat.

Its sometimes useful to not expect things to always make sense.

Jjust sometimes accept that things are different and over time you can learn.

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How important is a knowledge of Thai culture when dating a Thai girl?

In recent times, Thai women, especially those ages 19-27, are becoming more independent and are more likely to ask a man out on a date.