The bright colors and bold patterns are well balanced and make the space feel girly and fun but not too fussy.

If your taste in decor changes frequently, consider a basic color scheme so you can easily give your bedroom a new look.

If you’re thinking pink, think beyond pastel shades.

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HGTV fan Hilky paired black-and-white patterns — both classic and modern — with green accent pieces and deep-purple artwork for a pop of color.

A red bedroom can be dramatic and striking, but it can also be soft and inviting.

If you want a bedroom that's full of pattern and texture, choosing the right color palette can help you pull it off.

In this space, soft shades of yellow and gray along with serene blue walls lend a calming effect to a dynamic mix of stripes and florals. A bedroom should be a place that beckons you to relax and unwind; a muted color palette is a perfect fit.

Vibrant, geometric-print bedding and colorful artwork bring the color palette together.

Using soft blues and browns, interior designer Ann Wisniewski turned this bedroom into a restful retreat.

When red walls are combined with plush, white bedding and sepia-toned artwork, this bedroom oozes with romance and passion. When designing the master bedroom for the HGTV Dream Home 2009, interior decorator Linda Woodrum was inspired by the lush Sonoma landscape and chose a paint color accordingly.

Vivid green walls paired with creamy, white bedding make this dreamy space feels like it's one with the treetops.

Interior designer Troy Beasley combined muted golds in rich textures with clean, geometric furniture to create a modern space that feels lavish yet comfortable.