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The LFF – Lantern Fund Forum is the eighth edition of one of the most important event focused on Asset Management, Investment Tools (covered warrants, certificates, ETF, structured bonds, unit linked …) and Fundamental Analysis, organized in Switzerland.

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Blitz sightseers arrive along the William Tell route one day and take off on the Bernina Express the next.

If relaxing is on your itinerary, spend two nights and a full day here, arriving and departing on the scenic trains.

Its mountains aren't mighty, its beaches are lousy, the cityscape is nothing thrilling, and it can all feel a little geriatric, but Lugano is the best spot to enjoy palm trees in Switzerland, and its charm merits at least a short visit.

Lugano lies conveniently at the intersection of the William Tell Express and the Bernina Express — two of Switzerland's more scenic train rides.

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The forum will take place at the prestigious Palazzo dei Congressi, on the 19th and the 20th of November 2018, and will host a number of specialized conferences and an exhibition area.

Lugano, the leading city of the Italian-speaking Swiss canton of Ticino, gives you Switzerland with an Italian accent.

Via Pessina: In this tangled, colorful little corner are several small delicatessen-type shops run by Signor Gabbani.