What would a guy really be like after 500 years of practicing sword-work? The creative team, the producers and the studio that’s behind it have kind of said, ‘It’s yours to play with.’ The trick would be coming up with an interesting way to introduce it to new audiences without stepping on what’s great about the original property. I think it speaks very simply: ‘There can be only one! The first film, which starred Christopher Lambert as Scottish swordsman Connor Mac Leod, was not a hit at the U. box office but garnered a massive fan base after its release on video and remains a much-loved cult classic. My pitch initially was, ‘Look, I think there’s more here than I can fit in one movie.

, director Jon Favreau’s sci-fi-western hybrid starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.

Opening weekend at 1,472 screens came in at $6.96 million, with about $2.8 million coming from 600 screens in Russia., which recorded substantial first place spots in the U. ($9.6 million from 488 locations), France ($8.7 million from 702 sites) and in Germany ($4.7 million from 724 situations).

Although the franchise would birth three more films and an array of small screen incarnations, one assumes Stahelski will not be following the second film’s extraterrestrial plot? “When I came on, the property had already been developed for a couple of years and, as things happen in Hollywood, yeah, there was aliens, meteors, spaceships, uh, DNA mutations, terrorists. ’ [They were] like, ‘If you can do it.’ Between me, and some of the conceptual people involved, we believe that we can. I think I can introduce you to an entire of Immortals.

I mean, they’d tried to drag every plot into the Immortal world. I have interacted with terrorists and police — if you notice, there’s no police, other than (Thomas Sadoski’s character) Jimmy.

As the younger man, will your friend be comfortable being the peer of his wife’s youngest brother, for instance?

And will it bother either of them that many of their cultural references will be very different when it comes books, movies, TV shows, etc.?

While generally men seem to mature more slowly than women, there are plenty of successful marriages between younger men and older women—I personally know a number of them.

Of course, the wider the age gap, the more both individuals need to be aware of factors that could impact and challenge their relationship. Women lose their fertility as they age, with 35 being the number most experts throw out as the year fertility begins to significantly decline.

My personal opinion, I don’t want to see any of that.

1 for the first time with a weekend take of .5 million -- .5 million less than Sunday's estimate -- collected from 10,690 locations in 45 markets.

from Disney finished fifth on the weekend, pushing its foreign gross total to 0 million thanks to an eighth frame gross of .1 million garnered from 45 markets.