Host sediments most likely accumulated on the eastward-dipping slopes of a backbulge in a foreland basin.The overall depositional setting was alluvial–lacustrine in a warm-to-hot and seasonally wet-and-dry climate.

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Growing pains are to be expected with the rapid development of our region, but some of that pain is fueling tensions between the Northerners moving here and folks who have lived here most or all their lives.

Today we’ll explore whether that tension is exaggerated or real and what’s behind the perceived decline in Southern hospitality.

The consistent expression and location of lacustrine facies in both the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation and the Yellow Cat Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation indicate that high rates of subsidence typified the Dalton Wells area both before and after the J–K transition, and further suggest that there was some form of long-term to episodic and localized influence on subsidence.

The depositional slope required to generate debris flows may have been established by forebulge crustal flexure, but could also have been established or amplified by the high rates of subsidence that maintained the lacustrine paleoenvironments in the field area.

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Concretionary deposits in the Yellow Cat Member at Dalton Wells are diagenetic and apparently resulted from groundwater precipitation, likely enhanced by the presence of organics (bones) and lacustrine carbonates.