I love that this set of photos goes completely in the direction, down to the lighting and the treatment of the image to look old, vintage and Fabulous.Actress and actor couple Kim Hyo-jin and Yoo Ji-tae posted a snap of their romantic date.

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They have been dating for years and got married on September 2011, at Seoul’s Silla Hotel.

I can't wait to share this couple's wedding-themed photo spread for Bazaar’s November issue 2011, where they rocked a modern look with fashion-forward wedding-wear.

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I don’t even have an Instagram, therefore I cannot follow k-celebrities and get updates on their whereabouts unless they connect their account to their Twitter…

And even then, it’s not guaranteed that I would actually click on the link.

Actress Kim Hyo-jin posted the photo on her personal Instagram on February 3rd.

The photo was captioned "We went to the opening of Musee Neuf and are having a date first time in a while".

Il revient en Corée avec le film je le deteeeeeeeeste!!!!!!