Leading online email validation system to ensure that companies sending complex and high volume email avoid deliverability issues.

This is accomplished through the invalid email address and bounced email elimination, IP address validation, and verification of key recipient demographics.

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Verifalia, our hosted email validation service, allows to validate lists of email addresses with ease, combining the power of our email validation technologies with an array of dedicated servers and a modern web 2.0 interface.

You don't need to use this option if there is only field, defined as field name, sent to the remote URL.

If the field uses multiple validators, the validators processed in the client should be done first.

The remote validator is only processed once the field passes all other validators.

The typos alone can create 10% of invalid email addresses in a list.

Xverify’s built-in auto-correction can easily notify the end users when they spell a domain incorrectly.If you want to use dynamic data, then use a callback as following: options are mostly used when you need to connect to external API endpoint.This example shows how to connect and use the Mailgun API to validate an email address.With this free email validation service, you can easily verify an email address and confirm if it is valid, properly formatted and really exists. NET developers who need email address validation in their solutions.Just type the email address you want to validate, select the desired level of verification and submit the form. It features a very fast, multi-threaded verification library that can validate hundreds of email addresses per minute.The company has built a strong reputation in email verification industry for over 7 years, having 2 office locations in the United States.