And you know what that means: Copycats and clones were quickly ordered up.

Rihanna and Miley regularly push the celebrity skin limits, but now unknown reality contestants are baring all, with only blurry digital fig leaves preventing a full Monty. Rihanna and Miley push the limits on showing celebrity skin, but now real people are getting into the act, baring all Adam-and-Eve-style on television, with only blurry digital fig leaves preventing a full Monty.

But that doesn't mean she took baring her body lightly."My nickname was 'the nun' growing up.

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It’s the way we’re all born.' As to critics of the show - who have branded it 'voyeuristic' - he blasted: 'We live in a society that’s becoming more sexualised and this show displayed nakedness in a way that was less superficial and people are complaining about it.' Last night's episode once again saw contestants stripped bare, apparently to explore the science of 'raw primitive attraction' and hopefully find love - but viewers were more fixated on the nudity than any potential romances.

Abi Harris tweeted: 'What the f*** is going on the world is going nuts who even made this programme,' while Reece Llyod quipped: 'Truly thankful I fell asleep at 9PM last night, don't think I could've handled #Naked Attraction.'Undressed, which has already been a hit in Italy, launched in the UK on TLC last week.

One of the first contestants of controversial dating show Naked Attraction has lifted the lid on what it's really like to appear on the programme, which sparked outrage with its second episode last night.

Matty, who stunned audiences with the giant elephant tattoo inked on his nether regions, told the Liverpool Echo: 'It’s not sexual, it’s just being comfortable in your own skin.

Perfect prevailing conditions to test my newest creation: the ‚Naked Scan App‘.

Thanks a lot to the shopping mall in Regensburg, Germany where we are always welcome to shoot our videos.

Revealing all about the show, brave participant Gavin explained that there was not a financial incentive to take part in the show, but everyone who does appear is “quite like-minded”.“If you’re on standby and you don’t appear on the show then you get paid £75 for being in the room. Speaking to i News, the contestant told how he had to audition naked before the cameras started rolling, explaining: “I went down to Newcastle, sat down and chatted with a camerawoman and a male interviewee.

Then they said ‘Can you take your clothes off now and pitch yourself to us? It wasn’t so awkward, they made me feel at ease.”Appearing on the show out of a sense of “patriotic duty”, the Kenyan-born bar manager from Edinburgh saw an advert online revealing that there had been a lack of interest in the show from Scottish audiences.

He added: “My sister wants to kill me and I don’t think my Mum and Dad are very happy.

I took a while to break that one."I’d say to anyone it’s a good experience and if you don’t try it, you can’t knock it.

In this respect credit also goes to those people as well.