Called The Farmer\'s Guide to Li F:t MMO, the video introduces the importance of agriculture in the game along with instructions how to get started, how to make tools, terraforming and much more.

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We reached out to the company to see if we could take a look at an item that's perfect for gamers, streamers, and content creators.

This is our review of the Genovation Control Pad CP24.

Of course, this is purely me spitballing on a slow news Friday, so let’s play shall we?

We\'re bringing back another blast from the past from our friend Richard Aihoshi.

In his column from November 2014, he talked about the "first modern era" of MMOs, namely the seminal games released between 1996-2005.

Some of these games are the ones many of us cut our MMO teeth on.[...] C'est bien simple, j'ai passé mon temps à me barbouiller et à prendre un accent.Les faits sont là : j'ai débuté dans un rôle de Polynésien muet et depuis je ne compte pas les personnages de chamelier juif, brésilien ou arabe que j'ai endossés.Il a également prêté sa voix à Sylvestre le chat dans la série des Looney Tunes et au Joker dans la série télévisée Batman (1966–1968).AZIO isn't shy about taking their keyboard designs in ways that appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike, primarily because AZIO is a company that understands function, simplicity, and style.It's a fun look back, not only at 2014, but at the ancient days of yore stretching back into the last century. Chris Roberts and Dave Haddock take time in this week\'s Star Citizen Around the Verse to talk about weapons and how the team is looking at keep all things in balance.