Full employee engagement is a culture that supports trust, innovation, flexibility, leadership and authenticity.These are some of the components of creating a sustainable workforce.

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Diversity receiving equipment utilizes two or more receivers connected together at the second detectors and AVC lines.

The receiver inputs are from widely separated antennas.

Building a recruiting platform that has enterprise wide accountability among recruiters and hiring managers.

These companies provide comprehensive diversity and legislative training for recruiters.

The opportunity is how they are advancing people of color into leadership roles with demonstrated results.

Succession Planning is the talent management system that allows for fair and equitable advancement of identified top talent.The charts showed that not only was the same signal at different amplitudes at each antenna but, at any one instant, the signal at one antenna was also many times out of phase with that same signal on the other antennas.At first the engineers speculated that radio waves were being refracted in the ionosphere at different angles and therefore some waves would be intercepted by an antenna while other wave-angles would miss the antenna. The two men then theorized that over-the-horizon radio waves could be refracted simultaneously from different heights in the ionosphere, these waves would travel slightly longer or shorter paths and arrive at a single antenna at slightly different times.Incentive and recognition need to be cascaded at every level so every employee understands their contribution to the overall strategy.While recognizing great strides for achieving goals is necessary, aligning compensation to support the diversity and inclusion journey is a best practice.recognition – those that have demonstrated consistent and excellent systems, practices, metrics and impact.β€œIt’s no longer enough to just implement practices; intentional strategies are necessary to increase all dimensions of diversity in leadership and provide programs to mitigate bias,” said Pamela Mc Elvane, CEO of Diversity MBA and publisher of Magazine.