Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda, has not cried since she was 15. Hey, buddy—contrary to popular belief, it's not charming to just start explaining something to a woman for no apparent reason/for character development. Does she try to explain column length or advertising metrics to you? An Oscar-winning, alone-living screenwriter whose glory days are past, he meets Iris one fateful day and they form a friendship for the ages.

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Nem elég, hogy érzelmei viszonzatlanul maradnak, a férfi a karácsonyi bulin bejelenti, hogy eljegyezte az egyik kolléganőjüket.

Eközben a munkamániás Amanda rájön, hogy a barátja megcsalja, ezért kiadja az útját.

A két összetört szívű lány a világhálón akad egymásra.

magazine whether he’d be keen for a follow-up to the popular film.“That’s a good idea, absolutely,” he said.

Graham, knowing that Amanda is planning to return home imminently, invites her to dinner later that night if she decides to change her mind, which she later does.

They spend time together over the days that follow, but Amanda becomes worried that their relationship will be complicated as she is only living in England for two weeks.

The best thing about this freaking movie is Arthur Abbott, played by Eli Wallach. Or when he walks into a hall of people gathered to celebrate him and he realizes just how much he's loved and revered.

There was a time when James Franco wasn't so terrible.

Are they actually any good the second (or third, or fourth) time around? A confession: In this edition of Rom-Com Rewind, I'll be talking about a movie I've somehow never seen. That's right: Due to strange wind phenomena, cosmic forces unknown, and my star sign changing to that weird new one, I've never seen the Nancy Meyers classic, seen it. If you don't know the deal, it involves two lovelorn women—Iris (KATE) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz, who is also sooooo good) trying to get over trash guys.