Be sure you have adequate security programs on your computer and that you are extremely careful when entering password information on public computers.

A lapse in attention can lead you to automatically click on a link or open an email attachment that may put your computer or your information at risk. Don't open email attachments from people you don't know.

Before you make any Internet purchase, check the company's privacy policy.

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According to Public Opinion on Privacy, 89% of people are concerned about the level of personal information on the Internet. On social networking sites, it's common to include a lot of information on your profile.

From your employer to your religious views, think twice before you put it out on the web.

Before sharing a picture, take a few minutes to examine the background for details.

Be sure you fuzz out our crop photos that show your house address, your car license plate, and other information people could use to find you.

If you notice purchases that you haven't made, contact your card company immediately.

Everything you do on the Internet is apparent to other users, and you should be aware of what they are seeing.

You've probably noticed that you begin receiving email or even phone calls after making a purchase.

This can happen when a company shares your information and purchase history with others.

Make sure the information you share is suitable for all eyes.