He told a flight attendant he had briefly dated that he was also a Harvard Law School student, and she introduced him to a lawyer friend.

Abagnale was told the bar needed more lawyers and was offered a chance to apply.

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In a speech, Abagnale described an occasion when he noticed the location where airlines and car rental businesses, such as United Airlines and Hertz, would drop off their daily collections of money in a zip up bag and then deposit them into a drop box on the airport premises.

Using a security guard disguise he bought at a local costume shop, he put a sign over the box saying "Out of Service, Place deposits with security guard on duty" and collected money in that manner.

In order to get date money, Abagnale devised a scheme in which he used the gasoline card to "buy" tires, batteries, and other car-related items at gas stations and then asked the attendants to give him cash in return for the products.

Ultimately, his father was liable for a bill worth $3,400. Abagnale's early confidence tricks included writing personal cheques on his own overdrawn account.

The position was not difficult for Abagnale because supervisors did no real medical work.

However, he was nearly exposed when an infant almost died from oxygen deprivation because he had no idea what a nurse meant when she said there was a "blue baby." He was able to fake his way through most of his duties by letting the interns handle the cases coming in during his late-night shift, setting broken bones and other mundane tasks.He chose this course after he was nearly arrested disembarking a flight in New Orleans.Afraid of possible capture, he retired temporarily to Georgia.It was really a matter of eliminating what you got wrong." In his biography, he described the premise of his legal job as a "gopher boy" who simply fetched coffee and books for his boss.However, a real Harvard graduate also worked for that attorney general, and he hounded Abagnale with questions about his tenure at Harvard.This, however, would only work for a limited time before the bank demanded payment, so he moved on to opening other accounts at different banks, eventually creating new identities to sustain this charade.