Here's how 11 people got through the whole 'wait, are we "There was this guy with whom I 100% acted like we were dating, but he kept making sure I knew for a fact we weren't dating. This went on for months because I was too chicken to bring it up but also didn't want to assume things and make a move and ruin whatever friendship we had. To this day he claims we were just friends for those first months and I say we were basically dating without actually calling it that.I couldn't be like, 'do you want to grab some coffee? Agree to disagree." "My ex and I were hooking up for about eight months and he had invited me to a family gathering.But it's not always that easy and many of us are too cowardly to put ourselves out there (which is totally ok).

' without him saying, 'Ok, but we're not dating.' So one day, we hadn't even been in a good place, and I made out with another guy and he accused me of cheating on him. Seriously, fuck that guy." "Became friends with my friend's roommate. One of his cousins walks up to me and says, 'So how long have you and _____ been dating?

' To which I respond, 'Oh that’s a weird question because we’re kind of not.' Then, she replies, 'Oh really?

Then he pointed out that we spent all our free time together and talked nonstop... yeah I guess we are.'" "When I was in college I had a crush on this dude that I happened to be living with in group housing. One day, I went to visit him and found a pair of women's underwear static-clung to his bed sheet.

I just wasn’t looking for a relationship at all and I didn’t think he was serious about me until he called me his girlfriend. We both agreed that it would terrible to try to start up a serious relationship. Visiting each other, hanging out all weekend every weekend, we were even talking about moving in together when our leases were up the next year. And I was about to bring it up to him when I realised that we never actually had the conversation, though we'd been fucking for six months.

The next day I realised I hadn't actually asked him if he wanted to, you know, date.

So I fired off a quick message which I think read something like, 'hey sidebar are we dating now because that would be super cool if we did ok thanks' and somehow that worked.

He noticed me freaking out and asked what was wrong.

I handed him the underwear, he started freaking out because he legitimately didn't know how they got in there.

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone specify before the date if he’s going to be paying or not. Then, he must have realized he made a mistake in what he said, so he corrected… I could have not said anything, and left you waiting there for me!

But, do you REALLY want to get into talking about what’s classy? And, that you’re going to buy my drink but not pay for the tip — is THAT classy?

Have conversations with your fuckbuddies y'all." "When I was 20 I met this girl M* at college and we became friends.