None of them boasts about their efforts during the Battle of Falkland Sound, but Dr Jolly says: ‘It’s a source of enormous pride to me that I was able to make sure they got their gongs from the Queen in person rather than posthumously.’ ‘I think we all did something special that day,’ adds Dillon.

‘Ken and I are here to tell this story because of Rick.

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He remembers a day full of air raid warnings, before the frigate was eventually hit by bombs from two waves of aircraft. The whole flight deck collapsed on top of us and I was knocked unconscious.’ He felt no fear, he says, but vividly remembers that ‘I could see my mum at home in the kitchen preparing a meal.

‘There was a huge bang when the first bomb hit,’ says Dillon. Then the image changed and I saw my brother and sisters at school. I could hear guys screaming for help.’ Dillon was in total darkness, pinned under a girder and breathing in thick, black smoke.

Four-year-old Raudhatul Jannah and her seven-year-old brother were separated from their parents while holding onto a floating piece of wood in the tsunami waters, when it hit her West Aceh home on December 26, 2004, Jamaliah told Indonesian newspaper Harian Terbit she was very confident that Weni, as she is now known, is her child because of her characteristic facial features, though Jamaliah says Jannah's skin colour has changed, because she has been working in the sun helping her foster mother collect shells.

The newspaper reported that Jannah is 'cheerful' but does not talk much and noted that although she is 14 years old Jannah is in fourth grade because of learning difficulties resulting from the trauma of the tsunami.

With the Afghanistan conflict dragging on and Britain’s military constantly in the news, Forces Reunited should strike a popular chord.

Starting on Monday on Sky Real Lives (Sky channel 243, Virgin Media channel 281; not Freeview), the show will highlight the sacrifices and heroics of military life, from the viewpoints of the personnel on active duty and their families waiting for them at home.

He vomited a great gout of seawater and started coughing, so I knew he was alive.

Then I had the chance to go back down and get Ken Enticknap.’ Ardent was sunk, and 22 of the 199-strong crew were lost – but thanks to Dr Jolly, Dillon and Enticknap were saved.

‘We walked to the edge of the ship, Ken jumped into the sea and just drifted, and I jumped in alongside him.’ He remembers pulling Enticknap away from the blazing Ardent as he started to drift back towards it.

Then, weakened by shrapnel wounds in his back, head and leg, and with his lungs and throat painfully burned, ‘I started sinking, going under,’ he says.

We owe him a lot.’ - Forces Reunited is on Sky Real Lives/SLRHD on Monday-Friday at 8.30pm The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.