But I really preferred this method to the silent-protagonists of RPGing (.) When the written personality is natural and reacts to their environment reasonably and appropriately, you feel like you’re in it perhaps even more successfully than with a “blank-slate” style character.

stands out firstly by way of its set-up mechanics: Your character model is lightly customizable in that you can suggest gender presentation by way of hair length, choose from she/he/they pronouns, and chose from a small range of skin colors.

This model remains consistent throughout play, even in the CGs. It doesn’t diverge from the click-to-proceed-with-dialogue standard and there aren’t a metric ton of choices to make, but there are enough.

The “secret” route (the one you unlock after romancing all five staff members) is very satisfying.

Nearly fifty percent of the game is completely unique to this route, and blessedly gives you the most insight into the magic in the Hustle Cat world.

I wonder if Dan once asked a genie to work with DJs and lots of pussy, but something got lost in translation.

When it releases on PC and Mac later this year, Purrfect Date will also allow players to 'meet' real-life cats owned by a number of You Tube personalities — Dodger's cats, Sherlock and Watson; Yogscast Hannah's cat, Libby; and Michael from Vsauce's cat, Corn.

I was determined to play through all 6 routes (I found two bad endings too! Even before playing made that sentiment worse, a big theme of the game being that characters in the game are aware that you’re completing the “evil” route just because you can. And I didn’t feel like playing through six times was a hassle: the fast forward button and the autosave feature are blessings.

Nothing worse that trudging through a completionist quest to find that you need to wear out your clicking finger AND restart after landing on a bad end!

Purrfect Date, a visual novel dating sim that's been in development since December 2015, started off as a passion project developed by Bossa Studios' Marketing Content Producer Oliver Hindle.

Hindle and his partner, Ruby-Mae Roberts, had been working on the game in their spare time for around 18 months before his employer took note of the project and offered to publish the title in-house.

I neither got to feel like the player character was me nor a character I actually liked very much.