The guest speaker, who the teacher had invited to speak with the class, handed out the controversial documents to the children 'I have no problem with the school talking about diversity,' Fiel told the Glen Falls Post Star, reiterating what he had said in the video.

The problem, he noted, was that the information went 'so in-depth.

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'But, as we come with our own Christian values, we live by our own expectations and when it comes to teaching our kids certain things, that should be left up to us, not the school districts.

Not health class in seventh grade, no.'After reading multiple examples of the slang included on the list, including 'bottom' and 'packing,' and revealing that the information packet included details about genital reassignment surgery, Fiel said the health lesson and packet were 'state funded porn.''They're really desensitizing all our kids, it's ruining America,' Fiel said at one point in the video, later adding that, 'It's not bad enough that their innocence is being robbed from us through the frickin' news on the TV everyday, they're literally taking the innocence out of our kids everyday with this BS.' The health teacher at Cambridge Central School (shown) has been put on paid administrative leave following the controversy raised by Fiel's video.

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A parent's outrage over seventh graders being given graphic lessons on transgender surgeries and an extensive list of sexual slang at school has led to a teacher's suspension.

While the school district did not name the teacher, the Glen Falls Post Star identified the health teacher as being Jacqueline Hall and that she could not be reached for comment.

The school district confirmed to Daily that the school only has the one health teacher, but had no updates on the teacher's leave status.

Canini told WRGB that the teacher had requested permission to host a guest speaker in the class, but had not presented the handouts for review in advance.