Nichole holds a number of volunteer positions, including Board Member of the Arts Access Fund, which gives full year scholarships for children and youth from underserved communities to take lessons in the arts discipline of their choice. Prior to her role at Business for the Arts, Nichole managed the corporate art collection at Hbc, which included Ken Thomson’s beautiful Canadian Art collection, and helped develop museum programming and exhibits for the company’s new museum sites and community events across Canada.He was followed two years later by a brother, Patrick.

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Julie Arsenault is a management consultant who specializes in helping companies that seek to transform their corporate culture through her own niche consulting practice, PIVOT.

She studied music seriously from the age of three, with a focus on the violin, and plays informally now with family and friends.

She joined Business for the Arts in 2006 and has worked with an ever-growing team of volunteers, Board Members and colleagues to develop programs and events of national scale that stimulate business volunteerism and investment in the arts.

Nichole Anderson, President and CEO of Business for the Arts, holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Masters degree in Art History from the University of Toronto.

In 2001, he established The Keg Spirit Foundation to help charitable organizations that develop and mentor young people.

A key element in all of David’s endeavours is a strong focus on giving back.

He was in a golf shirt and shorts, looking at a lake, but his face wasn’t visible. ’ ” Frank, puzzled, looked downrange through the scope.

“I said to myself, I have to talk to him,” says Savannah, still unsure why. So he didn’t quite fit the horse properly.” On Saturday mornings, they often went to the local shooting range. “All of a sudden, he stands up,” recalls Savannah, “and, pardon my language, he asks, ‘Did you shoot my f–king phone?!

“His head was always on a swivel, which made things safer for me at work.” In 2014, Frank took Savannah on a long motorcycle trip to the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, where he proposed.

They finally married on May 27, 2017, on the 10th anniversary of the day they first met in person.

Julie is a life-long lover of the arts and an active volunteer in areas of youth mentorship and the arts.