He was arrested in East Jerusalem on suspicion of being an Israeli spy, and in Yugoslavia for forging a visa. Pierre was kind of a playboy When elected to office in 1968 at age 48, Pierre was a bachelor who brought a Kennedy-esque flair to Canadian politics.

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While Trudeau, 43, has been alternately criticized as a pretty boy and celebrated as a youthful new voice in Canadian politics, compared with his rabble-rousing father the younger Trudeau is positively dull.

A bachelor when he was elected Prime Minister at age 48, Pierre Trudeau became a legendary force in Canadian politics known for his intellectual vigor as much as for his bon vivant, take-no-prisoners lifestyle.

His dad was rich Pierre Trudeau grew up in a wealthy family, the son of a multimillionaire.

Before going into politics he was a law professor and a journalist and he traveled widely around the world.

Canada’s fourth prime minister, John Thompson, and his wife Annie were so passionate about each other that their long separations fueled an erotic intensity that animated their written communications.

In sweeping the Liberal Party back into government with Justin Trudeau as its standard bearer, Canada has ended a decade of Conservative rule, reversed years of shocking decline for the Liberal Party and created its first political dynasty.Justin, who was teaching at a school in Vancouver at the time, was told only when it appeared the disease had entered its terminal phase.It had been "Dad's orders to keep me in the dark," Trudeau writes.The three brothers had their own floor where they engaged in much play-fighting, including judo and wielding sticks and swords."There were few rules, other than no punches in the face and no biting, and if someone got hurt, we stopped." 5. On one occasion, when Justin was driving his brothers to their mother's cottage, "for some bizarre reason, we got into a raging argument about who would control the car windows." "It got so heated that I pulled over to the side of the road and we all piled out of the car to have a real, not play, fight.Trudeau's mother, Margaret, enrolled him in ballet classes when he was six years old.