We look at things from the perspective of what is introduced to young people today and things such as books and story lines all clearly showing that there exists darkness and light, which are at constant battle.Therefore, as we learned Christ Jesus is the light, and the darkness which we are battling are the demonic powers of satan that are coming against the truth of God.As the next week came many people sent me dreams that they were having specifically about me and it was all pointing to the same type of attack of the enemy I dreamt about.

intimidating shout-67

Bullying is a defense mechanism to bully, to protect self and control all those around them from hurting them, from what they deem as a threat.

It is not uncommon for someone that does bully that they themselves are severely abused or bullied.

Children sometimes bully others who are different from themselves.

The bully may target children who may have different religious beliefs, or a different culture.

It almost feels as though a person’s body and emotions are tasered by a Taser gun to paralyze them with fear.

Moreover, those that bully are usually wounded abundantly by fear and past traumas that they themselves begin to bully to protect what they feel is a threat and they get caught up in this system of bullying.

[1] If that is all not amazing in regards to the Lord warning me, after the attack of the enemy, I then had others who had dreams that week sending me messages and telling them Holy Spirit woke them up to pray for me.

Before I knew it I felt as though I had to go through a recalibration so to speak physically, mentally and spiritually because of this horrific attack of the enemy.

Their behavior often continues into adulthood, if it is not addressed.