A list of homebrew compatible with nds-bootstrap is available here.

Many players choose R4i Gold card to enjoy games and multi-medias.

If you want supported added for specific flashcards, I’d suggest dropping a line to the developer on the release thread.

Erscheint auf dem Bildschirm “Updating Success” ist das Update erfolgreich ausgeführt, und Sie können die Karte entnehmen. (bitte erneut installieren) Wenn die LED zu blinken aufhört, ist der Flashvorgang abgeschlossen!

Schritt5: Nun das beiliegende Kabel in den USB Port Ihres PCs anschließen, und das andere Ende in das Modul stecken die Karte sollte nun bis zu 32mal blinken. Die Karte funktioniert nun auch in den Konsolen mit neuer Firmware Dieser Beitrag wurde durch Administrator am 7.

There are many kinds of R4i cards with gold package in the market now, the R4i Gold card (3DS and None 3DS) from R4ids.cn, R4i-Gold card from r4i-gold.eu, R4i Gold V2.0 from R4and R4i-gold Pro card from r4

All of these r4 cards support 99% DS games on 3DS V6.1.0 and DSi V1.4.5. How ever, R4i V2.0 gold card needs upgrade to support DSi V1.4.1.

What is more, R4i team provide good techology support, players can take easy to use the card . Copy all these files to the root directory of the TF card.5.

You should also copy some game or media files to the TF card.6. fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games: disney friends simpsons game, the * R4i Gold V2.0 card updated to support Nintendo 3DS console on April 6th, and the latest kernel - AKAIO V1.8.6a released on April 10th.* R4i Gold 3DS updated to support Nintendo DSi V1.4.3 on June 30th.* The DSi V1.43 Patch for R4i Gold 3DS is released now!Players need to download the V6.20 Patch, and use a DS or DSi console to finish upgrade process. Download and install the latest Wood R4i V1.62 kernel to SD card. When you get the parcel, just insert the SD card into the R4 card, and put r4 card into 3DS, then it can work. - R4i Gold flashcard overview.* Wood R4i V1.57 release on March 14th, it is the latest software for R4 3DS gold card (r4ids.cn).Then the R4i Gold card can support latest 3DS system. R4released new Wood R4i V1.64 kernel on Aug 13th, 2013. * Wood R4i V1.58 kernel update on April 21th, support Gold R4 3DS card of R4It allows you to load files straight from your SD card.It does currently have the limitation of only loading files smaller than 4MB, though it is still a great way of being able to play DS homebrew.Eine gute Nachrichten für M3i Zero Besitzer: M3i Zero Team hat eine neue “Core” Datei veröffentlicht, damit funktioniert die Karte nun auch Mit Firmware 4.5.0-10 im 3 DS und 1.4.5 im DSi.