She also stated that most of his book was filled with lies. Armison might get laid because he's famous, but he can't be that rich.

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An outsider has no idea whether he's being a complete douche for that or whether there's something behind that.

Family and intimate relationships, you can never really know what's going on from the outside.

My friend said Lopez was one of the craziest celebrities they'd ever worked with and added, she was VERY common.

Seth Meyers is one of those hiding in plain sight gays. I think Andy's ego would encourage him to sleep with anyone who worshipped him. He's quite cute, actually, but never got a good break on SNL.

A friend worked on a photo shoot with Jennifer Lopez a few months ago, they told me everyone, including the well known photographer, was walking on eggshells around J. She was nasty to everyone and very demanding about throroughly inane requests, just to be a ball buster!

Lopez got everything on her rider, yet still found faults!

His Stephon is such a loving rendition of an annoying type of twink that he HAS to know people like this to sift through to find the charm.

If he has a single gay brother, I want to marry into that family...

It's only since then that Seth found a girlfriend, and Andy was also seen out with women...