Ms Smythe said: 'I underwent a surgery called laparoscopy so doctors could see what was going on inside my stomach.'It was then that they realised I had the condition and they removed as much of the endometriosis as possible.'However I had no idea it was a reoccurring illness and the pain was back just three months later.' Ms Smythe has been told by doctors the only possible cure for her endometriosis is to have a hysterectomy.

She said: 'I want to have a family one day so having a hysterectomy isn't an option for me right now and I don't think it ever will be.'My condition can cause infertility, which causes me huge amounts of anxiety; its absolutely terrifying.'Endometriosis doesn't just cause you tromendous amounts of pain, but it is mentally draining and can cause women depression and anxiety.'Another doctor told me to have a baby now if I want to ease my endometriosis; I was only 18 years old at the time.'But I'm single and being told that as a teenager hit me like a rock as it showed there's little real hope for anyone diagnosed.'Ms Smythe decided to write a blog that describes how endometriosis affects her life.

But all I saw of him would have been about 10/15 seconds.'Asked about how he feels having been standing next to the attacker, he said: 'The shocking realisation that you can stand next to somebody that is totally, perfectly, normal - articulate, polite, presentable, and the guy's on his way to commit mass murder.' Masood stabbed PC Keith Palmer to death with two knives outside parliament after killing mother-of-two Aysha Frade, US tourist Kurt Cochran and Londoner Leslie Rhodes, 75, as he ploughed along a crowded pavement on Westminster Bridge.

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I can't comment on that.'According to local reports, Brighton and Hove City Council planning officers had given their backing to close the hotel last year and convert it into flats.

Bosses claimed the 34-bedroom hotel was running up unsustainable annual losses in excess of £100,000 trying to compete with larger hotel chains.

Speaking to Mail Online last night, an employee of the hotel said: 'The police have gone and there are guests staying in the hotel tonight.

'I don't know if the room he [Masood] stayed in [number 228] is closed.

She said: 'If we all stand together against this awful condition then we will help others understand and hopefully no other women will feel alone in this fight.

'One evening before bed I thought "that's it, I'm going to make an awareness post on social media about endometriosis and how I suffer with it."'The following morning, I had hundreds of messages from women all over the globe thanking me. I was speechless, it wasn't just me who was suffering from this horrendous illness.'It made me so emotional knowing there was so many women out there who feel exactly how I'm feeling.'Ms Smythe is also sharing her tips for living with the condition.

'So, with a credit card he paid for his room and he went up very peacefully and we haven't seen him after that.' He added: 'We had a brief conversation about where he come from.

He gave us the address in Birmingham, but he had a southern accent, so we just asked him.'He talked about his family, his mum, his dad, his wife.

To raise awareness of the condition, Ms Smythe has set up a blog, the first post of which was shared more than 20,000 times.

She said: 'If we all stand together against this awful condition then we will help others understand and hopefully no other women will feel alone in this fight.'Living with a long-term invisible illness is hard but you cannot let endometriosis take over'.

He told staff at the £59-a-night Preston Park Hotel he was heading to London, and is also claimed to have said to them: 'London isn't what it used to be.' Forensic officers combed his first-floor room for fingerprints and DNA, and used the hotel Wi Fi to try and establish which websites Masood had visited.