We see new tools supporting 18 active student roles: 17.

Bloggers: As Susan Lucille Davis explains, every student should be a blogger.

Adaptive software like Dream Box and i-Ready build engaging and efficient pathways–and that means more learning per hour. Extended day: Rocketship features an eight hour student day—something they can afford only do by incorporating a two hour learning lab. Extended year: Blended learning can help extend the school calendar.

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Social learning platforms like Edmodo power professional learning networks across districts and around the world. Career options: Blended learning is creating a new generation of school models that gives teachers more options of teaching environments.

As more students combine online and onsite learning, teachers are increasingly able to choose from a variety of employers and working conditions.

Set ambitious personal goals and create plans to reach them; 2.

Take responsibility for their paths and learn how to navigate an uncertain world; 3.

Team-based environments are creating more leadership roles in schools.

Specialists are able to work from home and set their hours. Earning potential: New staffing patterns, new roles, and extended learning time will allow many teachers to earn more than is typical today (see an example from Nashville).

There are at least five more ways blended learning is benefiting student learning: 45.

Motivation: Blended learning makes it easier to provide multiple learning strategies including game-based approaches that boost engagement and persistence. Self-direction: Blended learning creates some level of learner control.

Digital tools that allow students to evaluate include: Poll Everywhere, Mastery Connect, and Brain POP. Analyzing: Students complete tasks that involve structuring, surveying, outlining, and organizing.