“Emma, I think I can help you out.” She lowered her gaze back to me, “How?” I quickly moved over to her, put my hand behind her head and brought her in for a kiss. “Look, you said you want to do something crazy and in public, but you’re afraid of it being plastered all over the internet, right?

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I grabbed my phone back and saw that the new text was a picture of Natalie’s topless breast with the message ‘hopefully you get out of there soon, I want to feel you shoot your load all over my titties before I leave’.

I couldn’t help it as a little groan escape my lips as I looked at the picture. “Even I have to admit those things are exquisite, and I’m kind of jealous.” I almost said something about Emma’s breast having seen the nip slip photos and the recent leaks of her in the bathtub, but I quickly caught my tongue before saying anything. What I mean is that she gets to be hot and famous, but not so famous that she can still get to enjoy being young and crazy. Because of Harry Potter I was under a microscope most of my life and almost everywhere I go people recognize me.

Emma had put her hand on my chest to steady herself as the elevator shook, but she quickly pulled it back after a few moments of no movement. Emma could sense my hesitance to go into specific details, and so she of course pressed me harder fo answers.

I gave up the fact that she was a TV actress who was filming her show in the city.

“I mean the one time, one time, I really dropped my guard was at Brown when I got drunk at a frat party, and I ended up shagging a cute guy in the bath.

The next day, it seemed like everyone in the entire university was talking about it.

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and a total fantasy I was speed walking back to my hotel in Atlanta trying to get out of the rain and wind.

A storm had moved in and was quickly building in force.

Forget doing what you and your friend did, could you imagine what would happen if I did what Shay Mitchell did?