I am happy that the customer-service staff of is always understanding and willing to help. I had a problem with two ladies on the site a week ago.They helped me a lot to make all the things clear and I forgave the ladies totally.

I deleted everything, my pictures but could not exclude it . I also bought credits 1 day and had to cancell/block my credit card because the site charged me 5 times in a row on the same day, so they also work with extorsion... We also have an option of video chat, where you can the members live. It increases members chances of meeting someone new, discovering unique places as well as doing things that they never knew they would have an opportunity to do before.

It represents a fun and easy way for people to communicate across the globe.

We are all human and it seems very touchy in matters of the heart.

I feel badly for having caused some hurt to the ladies by improper words and action. Fortunately, the site helped us start trusting again.

Thank you and keep up the great work Be smart and use your head when talking to and meeting other people.

A lot of people are very nice, some not so much, be safe and be careful and give one person at a time the chance to be the one for you.

I haven't found that perfect woman yet either, but I have no doubt I will one day.

While there are plenty of other dating sites out there, this is one of the most intriguing ones I've found so far.

I have visited many dating websites but Customer support from Support is fast, much better than the other sites.

They understand your concerns and will go extra mile to resolve them.

I have been using it for a while and I to me it is not a scam. Subscription account id 310401699780 I already deleted my account from ur site 2 months ago and ur site is still charging me monthly subscription 2 months in a row.. A certain anna from ur whatsapp told me that after that my account was deleted i wont be charge anymore so how come that u still take money from me which i was about to use to more important things than ur stupid app!