Three years into the job, Dewitt switched to the first-shift clinical manager slot.

In the summer of 2005, she switched to a part-time schedule, sharing the responsibilities of second-shift clinical manager with a coworker.

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After that, Dewitt paid for COBRA coverage (which she was able to get for a maximum of 18 months) for herself and her husband.

But 18 months, as it turned out, wasn't necessary as Anthony, a year and a week after Dewitt was fired, gave up his fight with cancer. Dewitt's age and gender discrimination claims can be quickly resolved.

Proctor fired Dewitt on August 3, 2005, and designated her as “ineligible to be rehired in the future.” Proctor provided no explanation for its “ineligible for rehire” decision.

Dewitt's medical benefits with Proctor continued through the end of August.

Proctor apparently liked how Dewitt did her job because the following month she was promoted to the permanent position of second-shift clinical manager.

In that role, Dewitt supervised nurses and other Proctor staff members.The stop-loss reports highlighted Dewitt's expenses. Although Dewitt was not listed on reports for 20 (indicating that her family's medical expenses, particularly those of her husband, were less than ,000), during the next three years Anthony underwent costly medical procedures.In 2003, the Dewitts' medical claims for Anthony were ,684. In the first eight months of 2005, the expenses were ,281.50.On her age claim, she says she was replaced by a 25-year-old woman named Michelle Patton.But Dewitt's “evidence” on this point is nothing more than a statement in her affidavit which is not based on her personal knowledge.Dewitt, it appears (for we must assume the facts to be as she presents them at this stage of the proceedings), was a valuable employee.